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Overflow Support:

Your Dedicated PA's overflow support service is an ideal solution if your phone is left unattended or is constantly busy, by setting up a dedicated overflow support line here, we will ensure that you never miss an important business call or opportunity again.

What is your current set up for when all your receptionists are busy dealing with other calls, do they go to voice mail? or are your customers just left in queues? To stop this from happening and to provide your customers with a more professional service contact us today. For example If your phones rings and there is no one on reception or your receptionists are busy your lines will divert through to us, allowing Our PA's to pick up these overflow calls to your offices. Details of each call are then either emailed, text or faxed over to you.

Each person that calls your business will be answered within 10 seconds of the call coming through to us and dealt with in a professional manner. The caller will be unaware the call has been diverted and will think we are based in your own offices, callers will be pleased they are through to a live human being and not an answer phone recorded message. Remember you are in complete control of when you want us to take yours calls by setting the diverts to full, just when your lines are busy or when you are out of the office.

Numbers for your new telephone answering service:

Your Dedicated PA provides a full range of telephone numbers ranging from local rate 01/02, 03 and all 08 numbers. Whether you require a standard divert number as you simply wish to divert your existing lines and numbers to or you want a more professional one to advertise on your website and business stationery we have the perfect number for you. We can provide freephone 0800 and 0808 including 0844/0843/0845/0870 and 0871 numbers. For further details speak to one of our experts today.
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