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Number Provision:

Your Dedicated PA can provide a wide range of telephone numbers ranging from local 01/02/03 along with free phone 0800 and 0808 numbers. We can also provide 0844/0843/0845/0870 and even 0871 numbers, which can be routed through to any UK land line or mobile phone number of your choice. For example if you want an 0845 that your customers could call, we could set this up for you and your customers could then ring you anywhere in the UK and there call would terminate on the phone number you allocate to us. We can also provide fax to email numbers which will allow you to receive faxes straight to your email inbox.

Many businesses, sole traders and individuals are now using non-geographical and geographical numbers. These numbers enable companies to appear bigger and on a national level not linked to one area or region. By using these numbers it displays a professional look to clients, it also portrays a nation presence. If you decide to use a free phone 0800 or 0808 number it can increase the number of calls you currently receive and will show customer loyalty.

If you work from home you might not want to give out your home phone number as your main contact. Get a new number from us and you could have an 0845 number that could be set to ring your land line or mobile. We can customize opening hours so you can divert your calls to another location after business hours or you can even have your calls answered live in your company name by a live PA here at Your Dedicated PA 24 hours a day from just £1.00 per call.

Call 0800 086 2423 or 0333 567 1250 to setup your new virtual number today....

Setting up your new virtual telephone number is very simple and easy and can be activated within 1 hour. Once you have selected your number all that's left to do is sign your online agreement, complete the direct debit mandate and pay your first month's fee upfront, then your number is activated ready for use.

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