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Message Reply:

In addition to providing you with a telephone answering service Your Dedicated PA can also provide it's clients with a ''Message Reply'' service allowing you the ability to repose directly to messages we send you. This could be to give us negative or positive feedback regarding the call or you wish us to complete a task on your behalf. You can also leave us a note for the call with special instructions should the caller call back.

Our highly trained PA's can speak directly to your customers enabling us to provide a fully outsourced virtual reception service. Your callers will think we are an actual person from your company and not a third party as all this will be done under your company name and all our telephone numbers are withheld so calls can not be traced back to our offices.

Using our support service we can:

  • Response directly to your callers
  • Book and confirm appointments with customers and suppliers
  • Provide feedback on the call

Call 0800 086 2423 or 0333 567 1250 to find out further information today....

Our service is simple and straight forwarded with no hidden charges, should you wish us to make an outbound call on your behalf a fee of £1.00 per call is charged and will be added to your monthly service invoice.

Once we have completed a call for you a notification will be sent with any additional details discussed on the call.

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