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How to Divert Your Phones to Your Dedicated PA:

Diverting your phones to Your Dedicated PA couldn't be more easy. We have provided BT's standard divert instructions below, please note that divert instructions can differ from providers and phone systems so please contact your telecoms network provider for assistance in setting your diverts as you may need to activate this feature.

Diverts all calls (Recommendation: Use when your office is unmanned)
To Set * 21 * Insert DDI#
To Check * # 21 #
To Cancel # 21 #
Diversion on No Reply (Recommendation: Use permanently)
Diverts calls if you cannot answer within 15 seconds
To Set * 61 * Insert DDI #
To Check * # 61 #
To Cancel # 61 #
Diversion on Busy (Recommendation: Use permanently)
Diverts calls when your number is engaged
To Set * 67 * Insert DDI #
To Check * # 67 #
To Cancel # 67 #

You can also contact your Account Manager or the Customer Services Team on 0333 567 1251 where they will be more than happy to offer assistance in setting your diverts. If required we can also liaise with your telecom's provider using third party authorisation.